Hello I'mAmanda Cavallaro

I'm a Developer Advocate and Community Builder.

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Speaking at a Twitter Space

Have you seen Twitter Spaces before? It is a relatively new way to have live audio conversations with...

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Tools I Use

Microphone and Headphones Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (Professional recording) AudioTechnica BPSH1 (Profes...

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Advanced textual conversational bots using Dialogflow, Sentiment Analysis, Telephone Gateway and Firestore

Demo displayed at Next 18 in Japan Calling a bot from your phone, is that even possible?...

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Getting Started with Node.js

What is it all about? A Back-end framework for JavaScript It allows you to run JavaScript on the se...

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First Impressions on Svelte

According to the State of JS 2020 Svelte has the highest satisfaction and interaction ranking in 202...

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Selenium webdriver, chromeDriver and Ruby on Windows

Automating tasks you have to do over and over can be very helpful. I have been doing that...

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My Projects

  • Typing Race

    A multiplayer typing racer game built in react.

  • Cloudrobe

    Amanda Cavallaro thinks ‘Your Closet’ – the Android app that organises your clothes – is a work of genius. And she has ideas about making it even better.

  • React-playground

    Try it yourself and share with other beginners!